Hi, friend, welcome to the website of HongqiVR.vG8鸿企VR科技
HongqiVR is a brand under Shanghai Hongqi Network Technology Co., Ltd. The company was established on August 8, 2011, headquartered in Shanghai, and serving the whole country.vG8鸿企VR科技
Nine years have passed in a blink of an eye. After years of hard work and struggle, Hongqi VR has continued to grow and develop.vG8鸿企VR科技
It has become a VR high-tech enterprise with strong professional strength, excellent technical equipment, trust from many customers, and registered capital of 10 million.vG8鸿企VR科技
The main business of Hongqi VR company is to provide major brands and enterprises:vG8鸿企VR科技
Professional ultra-high-definition 720°VR panoramic shooting production operation and maintenance, VR video shooting, VR virtual modeling interactive development, VR program development, 3D shooting and other professional services. With its professional team services and excellent technical strength, Hongqi VR has won the trust of many well-known corporate brands and government institutions including the world's top 500.vG8鸿企VR科技
Service customers include: Porsche, Vanke, CapitaLand, WeDoctor, Chenguang, Cobos, Yishang Show, Yangli Group, China Cardiovascular Museum, Shanghai Pujiang Tour, etc.vG8鸿企VR科技
The projects and customers we have cooperated are spread all over the country, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, and we also provide excellent services to European and American customers as far away as the United States, France, Germany, Italy, and Canada.vG8鸿企VR科技
The core values of Hongqi Company: Customers first.vG8鸿企VR科技
HongqiVR mission: to help customers develop their grand plans and move the future.vG8鸿企VR科技
We will continue to work hard with the concept of "professionalism, integrity, innovation and efficiency".vG8鸿企VR科技
We firmly believe in the power of conscience, the power of the team, and the power of the Internet.vG8鸿企VR科技
Hongqi hopes to create value for customers, contribute to society and make the world a better place through continuous innovation and development.vG8鸿企VR科技
Hongqi VR, a trusted long-term partner of the world's top 500.vG8鸿企VR科技
Thanks for your attention, Looking forward to hearing your story...vG8鸿企VR科技


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